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Young creators enjoy the opportunity to present their work and their particular kinetic language, test their ideas and gain valuable field experience, coming into contact with a wide international audience, in the context of the festival’s regular module that opens the floor to neophytes and up-and-coming choreographers.

  • Walk Lola Walk

    Two women create a paradoxical universe in which, as they are performing the roles stereotypically attributed to their gender, they are also exploring situations of struggle and reconciliation.

    Employing a playful disposition and their bodies, at times functioning separately and at other time as parts of a powerful dipole, they construct a commentary on the nervousness currently associated with the concept of 'gender identity'.

    Concept-Performance: Ioanna Antonarou, Natassa Sarantopoulou
    Music composition: Pavlos Katsivelis
    Music editing: Ioanna Antonarou, Pavlos Katsivelis, Natassa Sarantopoulou

    Duration: 30'



    áhti (noun, neuter): a long-unfulfilled craving, a burning desire (at times, for revenge)

    Ahtikos is danced to cast a spell on anything we cannot stand or anything we'd love to have. It is the affirmative dance of shaking it off, weeding it out, living it up. A liberating outburst rekindled by inner conflicts, lifting the burdens of reality, suggesting ecstasy and the discharge of energy. A derivative of Marianna Varviani's research on vortices during the preparation of her Vortex project, Ahtikos was spawned by a dynamic surplus, its trajectory and momentum. The work's kinesiological research was based on traditional dances and rhythms, the ways in which these integrate the unit into the whole, diffuse the personal into the collective and achieve a balance of oscillation between joy and sorrow, gravity and its negation.

    Choreography: Marianna Varviani
    Creative team: Katerina Foti, Iro Konti, Christiana Kosiari, Lia Chamilothori
    Dancers: Katerina Foti, Iro Konti, Christiana Kosiari
    Original Music Compositions: Vs Srg
    ighting design: Nikos Vlasopoulos
    Acknowledgements: Nadi Gogoulou, Stella Spyrou, Erato Hatira, Laura Kortinas, Fay Ioannidou, Evi Souli, Thanos Karadontis

    Duration: 15'



    In what way has the manner we perceive the human form changed in the time of post-nature, artificial intelligence and abstract economy? What are the feral features of this form and what is capable of connecting it with the world of the other living beings?

    Feral focuses on the on-stage construction of an intercross figure, an animal-human hybrid bearing the memories that shaped the human body as well as the instincts that preserved its wild nature. This being is constantly shape-shifting in a perpetual antagonism of properties and characteristics, both tangible and intangible.

    Sound is of critical importance to the dramaturgy and staging of the work: music producer and performer Andreas Monopolis is creating the soundscape in situ by means of sound machines that were specially constructed for this performance. This technological approach allows for the juxtaposition of natural to constructed sounds (e.g. stepping on dry leaves to the electric vibration of strings). The soundscape is created live and on-stage, in a highly improvisational acoustic process that is directly linked to the physical/visual process. Dancer and musician are molding a new covenant of coexistence, a hybrid world of sharpened senses, where the sense of peace and calm coexists with that of jeopardy and anticipation. A land which the spectator recognizes as a memory of the future.

    Creation - Performance: Natalie Mandila
    Assistant: Melina Kirtata
    Musical composition & live performance: Andreas Monopolis
    Costume design: Elpida Perouli
    Mask creation: Apostolis Sorolopidis
    Lighting design: Spiros Skordos
    Co-production: Garage Performing Arts Center
    With the support of: O.S.C.S.
    Special thanks to George Nikopoulos, Nikoletta Samara

    Duration: 30'


    Curtain time 9:30 pm
    OLVIO Theatre
    Iera Odos 67 & Falaisias 7, Votanikos
    Tel. +30 210 3414118
    Public Transport access: Metro: Kerameikos

  • From Public to Hidden: Exploring Liminality

    “All the single ladies (All the single ladies)”

    What is the process of transforming a movement from public-visible to private-hidden? In what ways can a pop motion sequence be assigned a new meaning? What are the tools for decoding pop semiology and what is the perceived turning point in altering its semantics?

    Following a detailed analytical approach to a very popular music video choreography on YouTube, From Public to Hidden: Exploring Liminality ventures to dissect and redesign the 'formula' of choreographic motion, while deciphering the code of communication this motion is constructing on camera, disseminating and reproducing. Using the 'commonly acceptable' (popular) form as a starting point, the work explores the tools employed to at first emulate and eventually change that 'code', producing an 'other' aesthetic result within a differentiated cultural context.

    Drawing on material from mostly viewed music videos on You Tube, the music follows a similar progression; using loudspeakers and earphones with effects and pre-recorded material, the musical score forms a series of loops, serving to deconstruct and disclose the pop (public) material. Every such disclosure entails the dawning of an ambiguity: the state of flux preceding every new consolidation of meaning.

    Idea-conception: Xenia Vlachou-Koghilaki, Pepi Zacharopoulou, Odysseas Manidakis
    Choreography: Xenia Vlachou-Koghilaki, Pepi Zacharopoulou
    Dance performance: Xenia Vlachou-Koghilaki
    Sound conception & performance: Nikólas Anastassiou (electric violin, live looping), Odysseas Manidakis (keys, trombone)
    Voice-over: Eirini Kalaitzidou

    Duration: 10'



    Curtain time 7:00 pm
    OLVIO Theatre
    Iera Odos 67 & Falaisias 7, Votanikos
    Tel. +30 210 3414118
    Public Transport access: Metro: Kerameikos

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